What is Pixel Praxis?

In an age where state propaganda clouds our perceptions and big money bias lurks behind every piece of media, Pixel Praxis stands as a symbol of resistance.

With a straightforward art style, we explore the world around us, offering sharp commentary through political cartoons and memorable graphics. Yet, our efforts are more than basic commentary; we amplify the core tenets of socialism along with the depth of philosophy.

Happy person holding a tray of cookies and Das Kapital by Karl Marx

Why Pixel Praxis?

  • Philosophy: Drawing from humanity’s greatest thinkers, we add a richness to our content, calling readers to engage critically, question the status quo, and participate in transformative discussions.

  • Socialism: With the widening chasm of wealth inequality and environmental catastrophe, our content offers a socialist lens, guiding you towards a brighter future powered by collective ownership.

  • Praxis: Beyond intellectual musings, we emphasize praxis. As Marx put it, "The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways; the point, however, is to change it." We're committed not just to theorizing but to using theory to spark real change.

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We believe in the synergy of art, socialism, and philosophy to create a world that doesn’t fucking suck.

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Amateur digital artist and socialist.